KLS Fuerte (S01E02)

Author Kls Fuerte joins us on #TheBookHour to talk about her book, Never Saw You Coming and why you should read it!


What do you do when the man you love is no longer the man you once loved? Do you leave him? Do you hang on hope that he will return with a bouquet of roses?

When everything looks so perfect and life is so predictable, what can possibly disrupt the picture-perfect life of Beatrice?

This is the story of the role-model mixed couple, which unfolds and takes some surprising turns where love, romance, truth, lies, death, and illusions boil at a hot temperature.

Beatrice is naïve and in love with Edward, but the fairy-tale marriage might not be what they expected. Could they survive?

This is a book where the characters never know what is around the corner.

Darie Nani